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Tanning - UV sunbed

Have a dark complexion all year round

We offer you 2 high quality UV tanning devices made in Quebec.

Whether for a trip to the South, a special occasion (wedding, prom, etc.), to counter the gray weather or simply to maintain your tan , you will obtain excellent results at Reflet Beauté .

In addition, hospitality, efficiency and cleanliness are our priorities. Our UV lamps are of excellent quality and the most efficient.

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Elongated tanning bed

For a more relaxing and relaxed tanning session, opt for a horizontal sun bed.

36 tubes with facial 100 watts


Standing tanning bed

For a quick, uniform, streak-free tan in record time, opt for a vertical sunbed.

52 tubes of 160 w

suntan couple
We offer you
At the session $9 and more
10 sessions $85
15 sessions $125
20 sessions $165
Packages available
* 24 months to dispose of your sessions.

  • House rules


  • Avoid taking a bath or shower 1 hour before and after exposure.

  • Let us know if you are taking medication.

  • Do not wear makeup, jewelry or perfume.

  • Remove your contact lenses, if applicable.

  • Wearing protective glasses is mandatory.

  • Moisturize your skin before and after exposure with one of the tanning creams specially designed for these devices.

  • Avoid creams with SPF factors unless you want to hide a wound, pigmentation spot or other imperfections.

  • Avoid hair removal before exposure. Inform us of any abnormality of your skin following exposure. Follow our recommendations for exposure time.

  • It is strictly prohibited for those under 18 years of age.

  • For your health and safety, beds, pillows and headphones are disinfected after each use. Drink plenty of water after exposure.

Tanning Products

We also offer you a selection of tanning lotions and creams to use before your tanning session to maximize and accelerate your coloring. In addition, we advise you to use after-sun to prolong, fix and hydrate your skin.


Product range
for sun care

Esthederm – Life needs water.

Youth needs cellular water!

I nstitut Esthederm is the world leader in sun care. With its unique philosophy: Act with the sunshine and not against the sun.

How? By re-educating the skin (even the most sensitive), by stimulating its natural defenses (tanning) in order to enjoy the sun's rays safely and preserve the youthfulness of the skin.

A complete range that prepares, protects and repairs the skin.

With Esthederm all skin has the right to the sun.

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