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Our other body treatments

The professionals at Reflet Beauté offer body treatments to help you escape from daily stress and your little aches and pains and provide you with quality service that meets your expectations in a relaxing atmosphere and respect for your privacy.



Sweet escape

Exfoliating treatment and head-to-toe wrap (mud, chocolate, or goat's milk).


90 mins. 90$



Enhance your skin

Treatment that eliminates dead cells and impurities. For soft, well-hydrated skin .


                $ 30

reflection-beauty-back-care-back massage

Back care

Just for you

Cleansing, scrubbing and relaxing back treatment .


60 mins. $ 77

As an addition to your treatment + $15
Produits Soin Corps

Product range
for body care

Esthederm – Life needs water.

Youth needs cellular water!

Joly Body is the new complete line of body products from Institut Esthederm.

Youth care products that keep their promise for a harmonious silhouette, hydrated, smooth and firm skin. Efficiency, comfort and pleasure are there.

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