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Marjorie’s favorite

The gentle scrubbing cream.

This cleansing cream is a real gem, extremely gentle on the skin, it is a gentle and deep professional cleansing performed at home. It is a creamy, granule-free cream which, under the effect of massage, draws impurities to the deepest part of the skin pores. Result; clear, softened and luminous skin.

It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and in particular those prone to skin imperfections.

Professional care at your fingertips

Candy's favorite

For a perfect complexion for all special occasions

When I have an outing and I want to be on top
I opt for the Esthederm Hyaluronic Intensive Mask.

A real radiance boost treatment to reshape, plump, smooth, reduce and illuminate my skin.
All in just 20 minutes.

An essential in my beauty bag.


Candy's favorite

My favorite is without a doubt the Pure Complete Night Youth Concentrate.

A beautiful, revolutionary cosmetic alternative to rejuvenation techniques. A 4 in 1 Yes! Yes! Ideal for those who are in a hurry. You will love this beauty treatment because it replaces night cream, mask, serum and eye cream. As soon as I apply it, its floral scent charms me. Its melting, satiny and creamy texture leaves my skin so soft.

Its revolutionary active ingredients repair my skin while I sleep. And hop! When I wake up, my complexion is even, luminous, my skin is denser, smoother and my signs of fatigue fade.

I radiate beauty

Marie-Phillippe’s favorite

SOS fire protection treatment

Hydraplus Gel, this gel will bring suppleness and comfort to your skin after a pulsed light treatment or even after any stress to your skin (sunburn, chemical peel or microdermabrasion).

Made with Allantoin, Witch Hazel and Aloe, this product will instantly refresh, calm and hydrate your skin.

In addition, its light texture and smell will be greatly appreciated.


Kathy's favorite

Nancy's favorite

For Cinderella's feet; Isdin moisturizing oil gel This product is a little marvel. Light and non-greasy in texture, it is quickly absorbed by the skin. It repairs cracks, corniness and dryness in your skin after just 3 days of use. It contains urea, an ingredient which has a keratolitic (exfoliating) effect and is therefore very hydrating. If you don't have time to pamper your feet, Isdim will do it!

Foot treatment, Reflet Beauté, Moisturizing Oil Gel

This texture and firmness perfecting balm is designed to reshape and firm the silhouette. It contains high-quality active ingredients that refine, regenerate and smooth the skin's texture. Particularly in stubborn areas such as buttocks, thighs, hips, stomach and inner arms.

A "Must" for those who have orange-looking skin, stretch marks or keratosis pilaris (goosebumps-looking skin).

A good boost to regain youth and beauty of the body.

Kathy's favorite


Micellar water, we hear about it everywhere; models, makeup artists, celebrities and dermatologists. Just one gesture is fantastic. This water is a 3 in 1, a new essential gesture in cleansing the skin.

    Removes makeup from eyes

  • Cleans gently

  • Tones the skin

With the freshness of water and the effectiveness of an oil, this new product leaves my skin supple, clear and perfectly hydrated. It cleanses fatty substances, impurities and even has anti-aging properties.

Formulated with high tolerance, without alcohol, perfume or coloring, it is suitable for everyone. To put in your gym bag or suitcases.



Candy's favorite


Give your tired legs a natural boost this summer.

Here is a little miracle to lighten your legs.

Gewold balm for heavy legs based on medicinal herbs.

It immediately provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being. It relaxes by promoting circulation and stimulates venous return through its astringent action. Used even during pregnancy or for diabetics.

Little thing; You can put it in the refrigerator to accentuate its freshness effect and if possible before applying the balm, use a horsehair glove to maximize product penetration.

Its sweet scent of witch hazel, chamomile and mint will comfort you after a long day...



Carol-Ann’s favorite

I really fell in love with the Ureadin Ultra 10 cream. A real gem! Finally, a real solution for my legs which always look like snakeskin. Thanks to this cream, in just 3 days, my skin became very beautiful again. I said goodbye to tightness and dehydration. The snakeskin look on my legs is gone and they are now very soft, smooth and very well hydrated. With winter approaching, our body requires deep hydration, Usdin Ultra 10 achieves this wonderfully.


Keena's favorite



Perfect for those who don't like to wear makeup, those in a hurry and those who love the feeling of lightness. Color Glow is a natural mineral pigment that mixed with your product will transform it into a tinted cream. Dosage it according to the desired tan. The best part will be that your tinted cream will have the specific effect of your product; mattifying, anti-redness, hydrating, anti-wrinkle, lightening, firming and even your sun protection. You will thus obtain the healthy glow effect so sought after.

You will love Color Glow as soon as it is applied

Color Glow


Nightmare ! Your white hair appears. Gray Free mascara is the emergency product in your beauty kit. It camouflages your graying hair and facial hair instantly. So simple; you apply the mascara directly to your regrowth, your eyebrows, your mustache, etc. Several shades are available. Note that mascara fades when washing. You need it... while waiting for your next appointment with the hairdresser.



Nancy's favorite

Candy's favorite

Peeling Discs

This product is a marvel

It is easy to use (it involves passing a soaked disc already measured over the entire face and neck morning and evening)

For all skin types including sensitive skin.

Gives excellent results without much effort

- evens out the complexion

- gives luminosity and shine

- promotes hydration

- improves skin texture

- reduces fine lines and wrinkles

-regenerates and rejuvenates cells

Ideal in the fall or during the changing seasons when the complexion loses its radiance, a Peeling Disc treatment will give the necessary boost which will reveal younger-looking skin and a radiant complexion.


Keena's favorite

Biosilk, what a marvel this silk protein oil makes hair soft, shiny and repairs it instantly. Without rinsing, to use on dry or damp hair, a few drops are enough to enhance your hair.

The result is great when used before the heat of drying or flat ironing.

I particularly love its texture and SMELL.

A real favorite!


Candy's favorite

Here is an essential for the warm season

to tan... without burning or aging

I present to you a new sun protection; the loose powder brush.
This powder combines performance, ease of application and aesthetic properties.

  • Broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection and 100% mineral

  • For everyone, even the most sensitive skin

  • Effective upon application

  • Silky and natural texture

  • Does not whiten the skin

  • Creates a bronzed tan

  • Mattifies the skin

Easy and pleasant to reapply even on made-up skin thanks to its applicator brush. Practical format to take with you, it will accompany you everywhere.

It's the summer beauty accessory to get.


Sun tanning

Marjorie's favorite

I fell for ¨Goutettes de soleil¨

Here is finally a unique, tailor-made and personalized self-tanner. Great, this drop mixes with all your day or night creams (moisturizing, firming, anti-aging or even purifying) and even your favorite body milk.

It all depends on the desired effect and the desired intensity. Simply dose one, two or three drops of the product to obtain a perfect tan. Whether to shine all year round or for a special event, sun drops allow us to intensify and prolong our tan.

I assure you radiance and good glow with Goutes de soleil


Summer is coming and winter has left me with some small annoyances caused by the lack of exercise and too much coloring.

Newly arrived, the Pure youth body cream is a real gem from the Dr Renaud range. Its Gold Award winning formula contains Bermuda seed plank extract. This ingredient imitates the effects of physical training by refining the contours and firming at the same time.

It is ideal for slimming my thighs, my stomach and my buttocks, in order to obtain a more harmonious silhouette for the summer.

I love the smell and texture of this cream and especially the results obtained.
This is a must have girls


Carol-Ann’s favorite


Doris' favorite

My favorite for radiant skin is the essential horsehair glove.

This is an essential step for smooth and silky skin, by eliminating our dead cells and

oxygenating our skin. It is not only a beauty tool but also a therapeutic agent activating blood microcirculation. This improves the visual appearance of the skin and reduces cellulite. In addition, when combined with a slimming program, it facilitates the penetration of moisturizing or firming creams.

It prepares the skin before waxing, a wrap or a tanning session. It will quickly become a must-have in your bathroom.


makeup remover

Candy's favorite

This eye makeup remover is a real gentle treatment for my eyes and even for my lips. It removes all traces of makeup, even waterproof ones, without leaving a greasy film. Composed of witch hazel, aloe and provitamins, it offers softness and hydration for this fragile area of my face.

Its plus, decongestant formula for a rested look and its low price.


My favorite is photobiostimulation.
I am seduced by this facial treatment device that rejuvenates with light.
This red light energizes in the same way as the sun's energy stimulates plants.

This non-invasive and all-natural device. Light boosts cellular energy and restarts the production of collagen and elastin which decreases with age. This treatment gives radiance, makes the skin smoother, hydrates and tightening and firming effects are seen after 5 to 10 treatments.

It can be accompanied during a facial treatment, a microdermabrasion, a foot treatment or alone during a treatment.

Take care of your appearance, you deserve it!


Nancy's favorite

Sun tanning

Kathy's favorite

Moon powder: it’s great! This multi-purpose powder is all you need to create stunning, seductive eyes in the blink of an eye. Easy to use, roll it onto the eyelid - I love the luminosity it produces on my eyes. Also place it on your favorite lipstick in the center of your lips to set it and give the illusion of full, luscious lips. A simple gesture in your neckline will attract attention with its sparkling effects. Come meet me to try it out.



Keena's favorite

Igora Colors 10-minute coloring, an essential tool in my work because it represents today's reality: people are in a hurry and they don't want to compromise their hair because they are very busy. It allows me to add fantasy; a few lighter strands, give darker highlights. It is also easy to lighten or cover gray without damaging the hair and all this in record time with luster and shine. Come and discover the nuances by adding a little life to your hair without spending all your free time on it.


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Marjorie’s favorite

For a touch of novelty this fall, adopt the Grandlash serum. It will stimulate the growth of new eyelashes, thicken them and add length to existing eyelashes. I recommend two apps; morning and evening and we apply it like our pencil or our eyeliner on the upper or lower eyelid according to your needs. Septic, take the test; a before photo and an after photo, the result will surprise you.

For more information, call me


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