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Hair removal

There is no shortage of techniques at Reflet Beauté to say goodbye to unwanted body and facial hair for both women and men. Our beauticians will know how to target your needs and find the best technique. In addition, discretion, professionalism and hygiene are essential. Forget razor- dry skin and say hello to silky skin.


Lift your gaze

With pliers

Eyebrow waxing to create a beautiful line or shape them according to your body shape in order to highlight them


Starting at: $ 18


Hair removal leave for
4 weeks

With wax

Warm or hot waxing of the face or body, affordable, fast, slower and finer regrowth


Starting at: $ 18


Try it for its sweetness

With sugar

Natural, ecological and hypoallergenic hair removal for the most sensitive skin on the face or body.


Starting at: $ 19



The only definitive method

Ultra-effective permanent hair removal for the face and body. Precise, effective and safe for all hair types


Starting at: $18


IPL pulsed light

Ideal for large areas

More modern, fast and ideal hair removal for large areas of the body. Hair removal in a short time


On consultation



Enhance your skin

Treatment that eliminates dead cells and maximizes hair removal results. For soft, well-hydrated skin



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