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Permanent hair removal / Medical-Aesthetic

We are fortunate to have medical-aesthetic treatment specialists among our team, to offer you the most efficient treatments.

Pulsed light hair removal

Permanent hair removal is carried out with an intense pulsed light device which aims to remove unwanted hair and its blood supply. It transforms your skin by making it both silkier and smoother. This is a quick, effective and safe technique. After 6 to 12 treatments (on average), you will notice a 75% to 95% reduction in hair growth .

Certain winning conditions will favor the achievement of results: the darker the hair and the paler the skin, the better the results will be. Blonde hairs and white hairs do not respond to any form of laser or intense pulsed light . For these cases, electrolysis will be your best ally.

*Price on consultation.

Laser hair removal and pulsed light

Hair removal

u laser hair removal

There is no shortage of techniques at Reflet Beauté to say goodbye to unwanted body and facial hair for both men and women. Our beauticians will know how to target your needs and find the solution . In addition, discretion, professionalism and hygiene are essential. Forget razor- dry skin and say hello to silky skin .

Waxing Hair removal leave for 4 weeks


This technique is still the favorite choice of many people. Fast, affordable and effective in refining the hair and slowing down regrowth.


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Sugar hair removal


Try it for its sweetness It is a natural, ecological and hypoallergenic hair removal for sensitive skin. It removes the shortest hairs by reducing regrowth and the formation of ingrown hairs.


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Hair removal with tweezers Lift your gaze Our beauticians will know how to target the shape of your eyebrows that best suits your body shape and even transform your look.


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Hair removal with electrolysis It is the only permanent hair removal method. It is precise and effective, because each hair is treated individually. We use Apilus technology which has proven itself in hair removal by offering more efficient, more comfortable treatments and much faster results. ​ The treatment is aimed at all regions of the body and all types of skin and hair or as a complement to laser hair removal.

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Pulsed light hair removal Ideal for treating large surfaces This method is more modern, faster, efficient and comfortable than lasers. The pulsed light captures the pigmentation of the hair using heat and destroys the germ cells.


Our specialist uses the Sciton Bbl, a medical grade laser with its two combined lamps, therefore more intense and less painful for the client. Before starting treatment and determining costs, an assessment of skin and hair type is essential.

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