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Eyelashes & Eyebrows

Enhance your look! For rejuvenated, dazzling eyes, for thicker , longer and curved eyelashes, the solution is eyelash extensions, eyelash lift (Lash Lift) or eyelash tinting . Do not neglect   especially not your eyebrows, they play a major role in framing, capturing and smoothing your eyes
and your features. Try eyebrow lamination ( Brow Lift) or eyebrow tinting .


Eyelash extensions allow you to accentuate, lengthen, increase the volume of natural eyelashes and curl them. The eyelashes are glued one by one to your existing eyelashes, depending on the desired effect.

It's the perfect way to have perfect, luminous eyes as soon as you wake up.

Eyelash extensions


From $85

Eyes and eyebrows

We offer the Brow Lift Vegan which is a   eyebrow enhancement (a perm).

This treatment gives flexibility to natural hairs. He modifies and improves their direction according to the desired style. With or without eyebrow tinting.

Eyebrow enhancement




Eyelash enhancement, or Lash Lift, intensely opens the eyes by curving
natural eyelashes in order to awaken and give the illusion that they are longer,
This treatment includes eyelash tinting , which then facilitates the application of mascara and gives it a completely different effect. Maintenance free. not

Eyelash enhancement


Promo 60$

Before and After

Eyebrow tinting highlights and makes your eyes stand out more. This treatment frames and redefines the line, creating the impression of a more intense, fuller eyebrow while uniformizing and intensifying the color. Ideal for light or graying hair .

Eyebrow tinting


      $ 30

reflection-beauty-eyelash tinting

Eyelash tinting deepens the look without makeup. This treatment seduces with its natural appearance . Ideal for those who have pale, almost invisible eyelashes or even before the holidays!

Eyelash tinting


       $ 30

Our products are approved

by Health Canada.

Your eyes are precious,

entrust them to our specialist.

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