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Massage therapy

The massage therapists at Reflet Beauté , members of the professional massage therapists of Quebec , offer you massages , as well as treatments to help you escape from daily stress and your little aches and pains and provide you with quality service that meets your expectations in a relaxing atmosphere. relaxation and respect for your privacy Receipt issued on request.

refflet-beaute-Back massage


Release your tensions

Massage relieves muscle tension, aches and relaxes the muscles.

30 mins. $35



Need a break

Gentle, enveloping massage from head to toe.

60 mins. 60$

90 mins.   $ 85



Give your body a break

Deep massage for your pain, muscle and joint stiffness

60 mins. $ 65

90 mins. $ 90

reflection-beaute-Hot stone massage

Hot Stones

Bye bye stress

Relaxation massage with heat to reduce stress and rebalance energies.

90 mins. $ 95


Pregnant woman

Well-being for you and your baby

Massage which relieves certain discomforts, sleep disorders, back pain and psychological tensions.

60 mins. $ 65



Relax to the rhythm of the waves

Variable intensity massage using the therapist's forearms and elbows.

90 mins. 8 5$

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