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Professional facial treatment

Your time is precious, and so is ours. Fees will apply if an appointment is forgotten or canceled. Unless canceled 24 hours in advance.


To erase the passage of years...

You can now significantly reduce

  • wrinkles

  • the scars

  • sun damaged skin

  • enlarged pores

  • grainy skin.

  • pigmentation problems

What is microdermabrasion ?

This treatment consists of gradually exfoliating the epidermal layers without pain or aggression in order to eliminate imperfections for a more radiant and smoother complexion. The skin will be freed of its impurities and renewed. In addition, the effects of your products will be maximized. This technique stimulates microcirculation; this results in a new formation of collagen and elastin, tissue regeneration of the epidermis while stimulating good oxygenation of the skin.

It is the treatment most in demand today and is strongly recommended as a treatment to erase the effects of time.

Duration: 1h15


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