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Facial care

The beauticians at Reflet Beauté have the health and beauty of your skin at heart. Specializing in the field of skin and cosmetics . They will be able to advise you on the best Institut Esthederm treatment based on the diagnosis of your skin and your concerns.

Anti-aging care

Reflet Beauté offers you a multitude of rejuvenating treatments combining technology and professionalism.

Professional facial treatment


Erase the passage of years

Treatment which consists of projecting a jet of microcrystals to improve imperfections for a more radiant complexion and smoother skin.



Skin rejuvenation

Facelift without surgery

Natural treatment for a facelift without Botox-style surgery. Safe and effective technology to improve muscle density and atrophy by smoothing wrinkles and reshaping the face (volume and tone


    $ 125



Get a makeover

Treatment which consists of applying a solution with the aim of causing exfoliation of the superficial layers of the epidermis to improve the appearance, texture and radiance.


$ 100

facial care


High tech youth

IPL pulsed light treatment that aims to improve redness, dark spots, pore size and aging skin. For an even complexion and a real boost of youth.


Price on consultation



New product inspired by peelings

Latest innovation at Esthederm. Personalized treatment tailored to your needs which treats several issues (wrinkles, spots, loss of radiance and imperfections) in the same treatment. For visible and immediate results.


    $ 118


Light therapy

Illuminate your beauty

Harness light to slow down and even reverse aging by stimulating cells to repair themselves by transporting more oxygen and nutrients.


  5 0$

Facial care

Reflet Beauté offers you facial treatments using the Esthederm product range.



Performance and speed

For all skin types. Discover the benefits of deep skin cleansing with all the essential steps in a shorter time.

60 minutes: $ 78



Purifying facial treatment

For oily, combination, acne-prone skin, those prone to imperfections; blackheads, enlarged pores and excess sebum.

from:   $ 98

90 minutes


Fragile - Sensitive

Calming facial treatment

For fragile, sensitive and reactive skin, including rosacea or rosacea, with redness , feeling of heating and discomfort.

from:   $ 98

90 minutes

Youth facial care

For all skin types with pigment spots (brown), dull or uneven complexion lacking radiance.

Brightening - Radiance


90 minutes $ 118            

Youth facial care

For all skin types with tightness, dehydration, wrinkles and which need comfort, suppleness and immediate hydration.

Hydration - Comfort


90 minutes $ 98

Youth facial care

For all skin types with fine lines and wrinkles. To plump, smooth, fill and deeply hydrate the skin.

Wrinkles - Filling


90 minutes $ 118

Youth facial care

For all skin types with wrinkles, fine lines, loss of volume, density and firmness with sagging of the facial oval

starting at : $ 113

90 minutes

Firmness - Tensor

Oxygenating facial treatment

For all skin types with signs of fatigue, loss of radiance, dull complexion, loss of vitality and in need of a boost of radiance

from:   $ 11.00

90 minutes

Anti-fatigue - Radiance

Youth eye care

For everyone with signs of fatigue, bags, dark circles, wrinkles , fine lines or loss of firmness


starting at: $ 15

Eye contour 

Soin du visage
Esthederm product - facial care - reflection-beauty

Product range
for facial care

Esthederm – Life needs water.

Youth needs cellular water.

Choosing Esthederm means investing in skin health and youth.

How? By re-educating the skin so that it relearns how to stimulate its natural reflexes and function on its own using mimetic ingredients (identical to that of the skin) to maintain results for as long as possible, fight against external aggressions and preserve youth capital.

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