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Hand care

Your nails are the most feminine fashion accessory. The beauty of the hands is an asset of seduction that should not be neglected, ladies. We use quality products and our tools are of impeccable hygiene. Take care of your hands because they work so hard!


Nail application

You dream of beautiful nails

Nail application with resin and powder according to your tastes. Classic or more stylized with or without fantasy





Stronger and natural

To give your natural nails a certain hardness, hold and a trendy look

  $ 45



Pamper your hands

Care of nails , cuticles and hands with restorative treatment

  $ 30


UV varnish

Feminine to the tips of your fingers

Preparative nail care and application of resistant UV semi-permanent varnish with an ultra-shiny finish

     $ 39


Royal Hands

An extra to treat yourself

Treatment combining massage and heat which provides delicate attention to your abused hands . To add to all your treatments

    2 0$


Paraffin hands

We love its softness

Moisturizing, repairing and softening treatment . Warm and comforting, paraffin relieves chapped hands and joint pain


Add to your treatment +$15
Add to your treatment +20$
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