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Foot care

Our foot care is personalized according to their condition and needs. The cleanliness of equipment and the sterilization of tools are rules from which we do not deviate. We are also stockists of Gewold products , a specialized range for each case. We offer different types of foot care that will meet your expectations.


For the health of your feet

Treatment performed by an auxiliary nurse treating all problems (corns, calluses, calluses and nail fungus)

Specialized care




Let yourself be pampered

Complete aesthetic treatment : soaking, nail care, callus sanding, massage and mask

Pedicure spa



Feminine to the tips of the toes

Preparative nail care and application of resistant UV semi-permanent varnish with an ultra-shiny finish

UV varnish



With UV varnish + $15
Receipt issued upon request

Detoxification of the body through the feet

Ionic spa

Treatment that allows your body to eliminate toxins, purify and rebalance your body and organs in a natural way.




We love its softness

Paraffin Feet

Moisturizing, repairing and softening treatment. Warm and comforting, paraffin relieves joint pain and dry skin.




An extra to treat yourself

Royal Feet

Treatment combining massage and heat which provides delicate attention to your abused feet. To add to all your treatments.


    $ 2 0

Add to your treatment +20$
Add to your treatment +$15
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